I can show you your present path, and your next step. I can decipher your innermost wishes and lay them in front of you. You are not alone, and I am willing to help. The readings may range from the energy of the cards, what the universe tells me, as well as traditional tarot readings. Your reading is unique to your session. Let me know if you need any card focused on, or if you would like me to read even deeper into the entire spread. I can even pull a follow-up spread if you need more clarity. Your session allows you as many readings as you may need. I strive to provide a safe space for your readings.. The readings may also lead to other messages that may include aura reading or even a vision. If you request it of me, I will also look deeper into these messages.


I come from a family of psychics. For the past eight years, I have read the Tarot. Very recently, I have developed the ability to see energies as well as prophetic visions. I have read the Tarot at social events and have used one spread of the cards to answer multiple questions. Readings of the day's events have proven to be accurate and symbolic of personal lessons. I strive to read all aspects of the cards in the spread, from the focal imagery of the cards to the little details in the background. I am the Maiden of the Ever Green Hearth, which is an affiliate of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church (ATC), and have completed my training to become a First Degree Priestess in the WISE Tradition. I have had the honor of giving readings at the ATC, and have learned very much about being a reader from that.

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please tell me one more thing, I’m out of funds :(
please finish? the relationship will be strictly work related? I went to see him this weekend but don’t think I got noticed lol, I got really into it
that’s me with my favorite DJ of all time lol. I’m really into music, DJing. is there a future in that for me?
very helpful and great advice. please go to her!
Cloover is worth the penny! A solid reading with all details and clarifications given. Love it! Will be back soon ?
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