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Elizabeth Divine
Elizabeth Divine
Psychic Reading
Elizabeth Divine


Hi lovely seekers. I am excited to answer your questions! My name is Elizabeth Divine. I am a third-generation psychic. I primarily receive messages as visions as well as hearing them directly from spirit. I am able to read the energy of a person or situation just by having brief knowledge of the person or situation. I have had visions for as long as I can remember. As a young child in school, my classmates did not like it when I would react to something that I saw or heard. So, I learned early in life to discuss my abilities only around the family members that understood. Now at this stage in my life, I chose to be free and do what makes me truly happy. Sharing my gifts with others is what makes me happy. It is my passion and my purpose to assist those that need information in order to improve their lives. As a professional reader, I strive to help my clients improve their lives. Yes, I answer questions, but I also seek to lead my clients to a place of true healing and empowerment. I have helped many broken relationships mend, lead many to their soul mates, and helped countless others achieve the abundance they desire. I do rituals and spells for positive purposes. I firmly believe that we can all create the life that we desire! I look forward to working with you!


I am a professional life coach, spiritual advisor, and intuitive. I was born with my gifts and come with a lifetime of experience, and 7 years of professional experience. I am a third-generation psychic. I am very accurate. I will tell you the truth with empathy and no judgment. Tarot is my main tool outside of my own inner knowing because it was the 1st tool introduced to me by my grandmother. Please allow me to congratulate you in advance on all that you will accomplish! For an accurate and unbiased reading please send your questions with the names and birthdates of all parties. Also (if available) a picture and a brief explanation of your situation. My messages come directly from spirit so they will be direct, but kind. I won't sugar coat because you deserve to hear exactly what I am hearing. You have the ability to make whatever life improvements that you desire. It is my passion to assist!

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Oct 28, 2019
Terrible. Vague, slow, and the prediction to the single inquiry I had sounded ridiculous.
Oct 16, 2019
ran out
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