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Excellent accurate readings Clairvoyant / Medium / Empath, I work with the Archangels with a strong connection to God. I work with my guardian angels and the Archangels with a strong connection to God. Have worked with people worldwide and have been told my accuracy and connection to both the live and passed over is amazing, I truly consider it a gift from God to help others in need. 
If you want an excellent and accurate reading from a genuinely caring and compassionate soul look no further, I truly consider it a gift from God to help others in need. I am a clairvoyant, psychic, medium, telepathic, empath and connect to those who have passed over and offer work cleansing houses remotely where there are malicious or unwanted spirits even the demonic and also help those suffering from psychic attacks. 
I have always had the gift from an early age, used to call it my intuition and gut feeling but found out many years ago I have been protected by angels all of my life. I also offer detailed tarot card readings have been readings cards for 25 years now, to help clients gain direction and use my connection to angels and am able to talk to both angels and those who have passed over and even connect to live auras.  
I have a long history in my family, I grew up with natural abilities, went through a stage of witchcraft and spells many years ago but realised it was the wrong path for me and now work from a Christian perspective, my mother used to tell fortunes using playing cards, my grandmother I found out later was a witch, and my great grandmother was a Romany Gypsy who used tarot cards and crystal ball to tell fortunes xxx


I have been able to give the most excellent and accurate readings, I have the ability to connect to those both alive and passed over and have natural intuition and am an empath which means I am strongly able to connect to my clients and help those even in the most troublesome of situations. I have extensive experience doing readings on relationship issues, career paths, family life, problems with children, and life issues in general. I am able to use remote viewing and get vivid images of both current past and future situations and have been told my visions are highly accurate.I have also worked with the most troublesome of cases involving suicides, murders, and even cases where people are troubles by spirits or houses actually have not only ghosts but even demonic entities troubling the people who live there. I am not only able to remotely assess the situation but am even able to work remotely to remove these troublesome entities, and remove the negative and leave the good energies such as relatives who have passed over who comfort people in times of needs.I have a strong connection to the Archangels and God himself and have been able to send Archangels and Angels to people who are in trouble or in need, I feel greatly blessed that God has given me these gifts to help others. xxx

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Fast and acurate. well done! Thank you!!
Thank you for your frendliness and caring approach :)
It was great. She's fabulous. Really knew what was going on and how to help me. Also compassionate, friendly, easy to talk to.
I hope your words will come true. Thank you so much for your great, honest and wise reading, Elisha
what a joke didn't answer my question at all took wayyyyyyyy too long on connecting
Lost the count of time, sorry. The reading was good
Sorry, forgout about my money. Thank you for your help
This psychic was very very slow not going to point...waisted my time and money
Thank you
Sorry, i forgot about the time :) But the reading was just AMAZING. Elisha felt so much things that i didn't even mention. I am shocked, to be honest. I hope the reading is true
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