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Readings by Elise
Readings by Elise
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Readings by Elise


Hello, my name is Elise and I'm an empath, experienced tarot reader, and intuitive dream interpreter. I provide a number of different tarot readings and can interpret any confusing and/or nagging dreams you may be having, whether they be commonly recurring or ones that you have had in the past that have stuck out in your mind for years. If you have any questions, just let me know and I will figure out the right spread for you and your situation. I take pride in providing honest insight, without filter, in order to provide you the message you need most in your life at that point in time. Authenticity is my favorite word. I am a fast and eloquent typer, so you will receive nothing but a detailed response tackling all of the details you need to know, be it in matters of the heart, work/career, family matters, or otherwise. My answers are straight-forward and the most honest, raw interpretation that I intuitively receive from reading. I specialize in any area of interest and find divination to be a wonderful tool for self improvement in helping others succeed on their life paths.


I've been performing tarot readings for friends and family for years. Altogether I have around ten years of reading experience and six years experience reading professionally in person. I have been reading for online customers for a few years now. I take pride in finding the right reading type for you, since I realize that not everyone's situation requires a one-size-fits-all solution! Aside from reading cards, I also tend to couple that with rune reading and I am also experienced at dream analysis. Our dreams are usually not prophesizing the end of the world - often it is our very own subconscious trying to tell us something. If it has to do with symbolism, I'm your reader! Cracking the codes of symbols and signs found in our daily lives is my driving passion. Helping people with the delicate intricacies of varying social relationships, love, careers, and life paths in general is truly what gets me up in the morning. I understand that matters of the heart are tricky and believe that it is entirely possible to be both straight-forward and sensitive to your needs.

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