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I am Eleonoora, clearsentient Tarot reader. I'm a native Finn and I incorporate the wisdom of my heritage into my readings. I specialize in giving Yes/No answers to any question, but I don't stop there. My cards will provide deeper insight to the issue at hand and show WHY the answer is a yes or a no. Our destiny is not carved in stone and my aim is to give you guidance on how you can shape your own future and make it what you want it to be. You can turn a No into a Yes when you know what is standing in your way. Being clearsentient I am highly intuitive and very empathic. If you have a broken heart, I will feel it with you and try to find a way for you to mend your heart and move forward in your life journey. There is ALWAYS a way forward, and my task is to find you options to choose from. I am so glad you found me! Now let's see how I can help you find your way.


The cards came into my life decades ago; I've been reading Tarot for nearly 30 years now. After a period of person-to-person readings I discovered I can also connect to people not in the same room with me. The connection is very real and very strong, and the distance between us has no bearing. When I read for you I do not read your mind or hear your thoughts. Being clearsentient I do sense your feelings and react to them. With this inborn ability and my beloved Tarot cards I can find the answers you are looking for, every time, with surprising accuracy. This has been tested time and time again. Despite my natural abilities I spend my days studying. The art of Tarot reading is based on constant discovery and my bookshelves are full of books bringing me more and more insight to the subject. I hone my skills as if I was playing a musical instrument. The journey of learning never ends. The wisdom of it all is not mine, it comes through the cards from my ancestors and the nature spirits all around me. I have been reading the cards for so long they have become an extension of my mind. My cards speak to you through me, and together we will find a way forward for you.


absolutely spot highly recommend but I ran out of minutes unfortunately thank you so much for the calirty I did get very helpful!
El please help me with the answers it will help bring clarity! also if you could help me with few minutes please ! thanks for your quick responses!
accurate, honest and straightforward:)
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