Hello, As an evolutionary astrologer and empath, I give readings for clarity on your soul path. I can see the situations from a different view and give you the depth and width that you may not be seeing while in them. I and my guides are your guides to a life richer in spirit with freedom toward your uniqiue soul path. I offer, relationship, soul path, career and animal communication readings, and much more!  Contact me for honest and truely helpful guidance. I will help you listen to your soul song for this dance upon the Earth!


Hello,I have 26 yrs. professional experience giving  readings. I was born gifted . I get messages from my guides and have helped thousands of people from all walks of life. I started studying astrology when I was 13, and haven't stopped since. My real goal is to teach and help individuals embrace thier soul missions and to live inspired and empowering lives. I have helped thousands with thier relationship issues,get guidance on career issues and just about everything imaginable!I Contact me for real guidance and inspiration. I can be stern and gentle, and always honest!

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