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Relationship Problems


Hi! My name is Ray and I'm living in Netherlands. I discovered my great gifts, my talents by accident, working as a highly trained and experienced coach. I'm here for people having all kind of questions about love, life and all things that worry them or keep them occupied. When I was talking or chatting with clients I always saw, heard or felt things that I could not know. I decided to say those things even before they spoke about it and in almost all the cases I was right! I had seen the person they were in love with, heard their co-workers say things and felt what was coming or what had happened. With my gifts, I helped a lot of people during the years. They had their questions answered, their hopes confirmed or their grief comforted. After every single conversation or chat, the client felt stronger, assured or relieved. Helping people is one of the true purposes in my life. Help unravel the knots the Universe had tied them into. Explain why the things happened to them and how they could take advantage of them. I am proud of my talents and gifts and I always will use them with the utmost care and love. Sometimes I don't have an answer, and when that happens I will tell that quickly so no energy is wasted. I am not here to keep you talking, I am here to deliver results. You will always get something out of our conversations. Most if the times it will be an answer or an explanation which helps you further along your path in life. You may not always get what you want but I always will give you what you need! That is my promise to you!


I am an experienced lightworker in many disciplines, trained, graduated and always studying. I helped lots of people with great, lasting results. Yet, they like to come back to chat with me to receive more answers and solutions. At the sites I worked I always was a steady top 3 performer with the highest rating possible and in popular demand. How I reached that position? Well, I am experienced in relationship issues, career/work related questions, family matters and matters of the heart. I read the Tarot cards with great accuracy, I do remote viewing, and I am concrete, ask very little questions while being direct and to the point. No sugarcoated sweet-talk, straight, honest and direct. And always with compassion.

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Thank you. I ran out of credit. Will use you again soon
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