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Intuitive Oc


Hello, My name is Intuitive Oc and I set aside my ego to become a channel for Divine wisdom to flow through me and to you. As an empath, I'm able to feel and see what you're going through. I'm a compassionate reader, I love people from all walks of life and I'm very empowering and open-minded. I also give advice on any issue you're experiencing. Everywhere I go, people come to me for help and advice. I started off as a nursing assistant healing people for many years and I ended up having a spiritual awakening. Once I experienced my awakening, I discovered that I'm not only an empath but also very clairaudient and clairvoyant. I really enjoy tuning in to my true self and helping others at the same time. I've always been intuitive and psychic. I want to help as many people all around the world. I'm here to make a major difference. Peace and love.


For years, I have been giving advice to others. Recently, I have been doing free readings with accuracy. I really enjoy this, it soothes my soul. I can come across a person in tune into their energy and tell them something they need to hear at that given time. I also can tune into energy without a person being in my presence. I work with my guides a lot on a daily basis. Every day is also a learning experience. I'm also a certified life coach, if you want only advice, I can help you with that also. I give advice on all types of issues. From family to career to life goal issues. The tools I use are oracle cards, tarot cards, my clairs. I will need your name, and dob. Please tell me a little about your situation. Come as yourself and I will come with accuracy and lots of love. Thank you for coming to my page. Peace and love. Intuitive Oc

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