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Earth Goddess


​I offer spiritual readings for those who have questions about career, family, relationships, and romantic partnerships. I do this by connecting to the energy that surrounds you, a loved one, or a situation. Thus the readings I offer are specific to your particular circumstances, not "general." During a reading, if I do not have an answer or not seeing a situation clearly I will be honest and say so. This does not usually happen but sometimes there are things in life that are meant only for the eyes of The Creator. On the other hand, if there is a clear message outline during the reading I can provide that information. Readings are not the "be-all" or "end-all" rather it is meant to gently guide and let the receiver know about the path they are on. If the direction needs some revision a reading is a wondering addition to the many resources which are also available such as self-help systems, books, and spiritual and other religious practices. Your ultimate source of Truth is from The Creator and I am here to serve Him by using the gifts He has blessed me with.


My name is Lady Goddess and was born with the gift of clairsentience. I trust in The Creator and in His offspring, given for our atonement. I believe that The Spirit is Divine Love. It is my goal to practice goodness and benevolence in all that I do. With over a decade of work experience in the corporate environment, a background in psychology, and an avid researcher, my perspective of life issues are practical and spiritual, and pursued with rigor and passion. I am blessed to be able to do the work I do. It is my life's purpose to help others achieve their goals and reach the Light that lives within each and everyone of us. We all have our own spiritual journey to fulfill during this lifetime. The path to a deeper understanding of who we are can be frustrating and even painful at times. True happiness, freedom, love, and prosperity starts within and comes from Universal Light - the source of all our needs. No matter what your past is, it should be embraced as a learning experience for moving forward and letting go of what no longer serves you. Whether you are early in your journey of life or a more seasoned individual, having tools and insight may help you to figure out your life'​s purpose and find a possible new direction or clarification on the journey you are currently on.

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thanks a lot! for some reason, I just lost the keyboard here .. can’t continue typing .. but u are great and helpful! blessings to u!
oh my!! she is really really on point and soooo accurate..thank u soo much. I will definitely come back. God bless.
she was awesome I connect with her quick will come back
Thank you so much for the enlightenment. I appreciate your fast response and advice. Hope what you tell me will come true.
unfortunately, I ran out of fund.. but you were amazing, accurate and honest:)
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