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Earth Angel
Earth Angel
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Earth Angel


Hello, my name is Jenny and I’m an Earth Angel. It’s not a name I have chosen for myself, rather, it is something I have often been called, not just as a reader but as a helpful being for the people who have come into my life. Many readers who I have known for some time have called me this and by the Angels themselves in the readings. Mostly, however I think of myself as a Lightworker and Empath. I had my first reading back in the early 1980s and was told by the reader concerned, upon sitting down at her table, that I had the gift and had the ability to read tarot cards. However, I didn’t recognise that fact until a few years later and many more professional readers telling me the exact same thing: it was my destiny and I was being urged towards it by something far more powerful.


It is a beautiful, wonderous thing to be in tune with your Angels. Allow them into your life as I once did, it was at my lowest point in life: I had lost everything from my mother, my partner and my beloved pet dog. If this wasn’t enough the loss of my job and home soon followed. In total desperation I rang a psychic line and spoke in depth with a very lovely, understanding man and during that reading he told me of a very special Angel was watching over me, Archangel Gabriel, and that he would bring me a sign and assist me every step of the way. Even when the journey still suffered pitfalls, he kept me going giving me the strength to go on. I had completely lost my way, with no family and with my friends too far away but he was there watching me, guiding me through the wrong turns I still had to make. He sent me signs to follow until finally I found the path I was always meant to be on, the path of mistakes I had to make to get to the place I needed to be. In the mid-90s I was fortunate enough to meet a very special lady who was a spiritualist and an avid Angel card reader and spiritualist. She gave readings on psychic TV in the UK and starred in her own short documentary about the Angels that surround her and those in her life. We became great friends and it was Veema who taught me to communicate with my Angels and how to read for others. Thanks to her my gift greatly progressed and I have given readings ever since. I have helped many different people from all walks of life. I can bring you the power and the knowledge of your own Angels. I have so much empathy for people that come to me. I have been there, I have suffered, battled and won. Together we can win your battle too. We can ask your angels help to guide you on your life’s path. Over the decades, I have held group readings and have given 1 on 1 guidance. I have also worked on other psychic lines but, I feel this one offers a wider audience for me to reach and I am here to reach out to you. I provide my service, answers and readings with immense respect, sincerity and care. I also offer total confidentially in all we share. I am also highly experienced in love, sex and relationships. Some years ago, I was part of a relationship panel for a nationwide newspaper in the UK. Whatever your problems in any area of your life let me help you lift your burdens and set your soul free. My one aim in life is to help others. It has taken me a long time to find my goal in life and my place. I will remain right here until my time is complete. So, let me and your Angels guide you on your spiritual journey and your journey of self-belief. I know I can bring you complete peace of mind, I speak from experience!

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