I work with auras and make that vital connection with my client by asking for their 3 favorite colors and their 3 most or least liked colors. I sense the emotions of their past problems, present difficulties and future hopes and dreams. I work by connecting to the Akashic records of spirit, which are the memories of their ancient ancestral spirits. I recognize our destiny as being the consequences of our choices. It is not written in stone and can be changed with every decision that we make. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to connect with the clients ancestors in spirit and pass on their wisdom and loving guidance. I am happy to be the empath and messenger of spirit. I believe that accuracy is most important.


l am natural born psychic. I started competing professionally 27 years ago with the old ladies, Romanies and Gypsy fortune tellers on psychic circuit around Birmingham UK. They mocked and derided me for going onto psychic-phone-lines, but I loved it, reading and helping people, using only their voices to connect with their spiritual essence. I emigrated to South Africa then to Australia, and now live in Mexico. I was thus able to observe many different forms of faith healing,and psychic work in the very different cultures. I studied as a WholeSelf Therapist under its creator Jon Turner in Holland in 2002. With this wider experience of different cultures and personal heartache, I was able to create a new approach to aura healing called The-Spiral-of-life, It is based on, and combines the principles of 'Cognitive-Image-Profiling' with 'Pre-natal-Psychology'.

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