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Your Aura and energy is the manifestation of your spiritual power. This is the source of the ability to make decisions to control, create and decide your destiny. Your power is your wisdom. It is knowing your self, your ability and limitations. What is your passion is a good starting point? Our success and happiness in life are summed up as our ability, confidence, and vitality, to rise to every challenge. To truly know ourselves is a work in progress throughout our lives. Life will manifest as many life-lessons and limitations, that will block our path to happiness. The fast-track to wisdom is to consult a wise psychic and ask straight questions, in order to get the hardest truths that we can fully trust. I specialize in getting to the source of your problems, creating effective solutions and giving you straight answers to your clearest questions. Your satisfaction is my success. I look forward to empowering you with self-knowledge, so that you may create and control your own version of success and happiness.


l am a war baby and natural born empath. As a baby I learnt to watch for the moods of my angry mother and distance myself from the daily conflict. My day job was in advertising as a copywriter and cartoonist. My passion was in working as a psychic and psychic artist at weekends alongside the old ladies, Romanies and Gypsy fortune tellers at psychic fayres around Birmingham UK. They derided me for working on the psychic-phone-lines. They said that they would never stoop so low, but I loved reading and helping people, using only their voices to connect with their spiritual essence. After my divorce I emigrated firstly to South Africa, then to Australia. I remarried and we moved to my wife's country of Mexico which is also rated internationally as a war zone but I Love its vibrant culture. I studied the faiths, healing, and psychic work in each of these very different cultures. I studied colour therapy and in Holland as a WholeSelf Therapist under its creator Jon Turner. With all of these experiences of these very different cultures and my own personal problems, I was able to create a new approach to aura and emotional health and healing called The-Spiral de Vida or Spiral-of-life, It is based on my formulations of the principles of 'Cognitive-Image-Profiling', together with my studies of 'Pre-natal-Psychology'.

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thank you, straight to the point
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terrible connection issues
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Dec 20, 2018
wasted my entire time. I asked the same question three times and still no answer. don't waste your money like I did
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