Dr. Ariela Calder


You have come here for a reason. I am always happy to help you, using my many years of training, experience, knowledge and power. I view any life situation through clairvoyance, clairaudiance and clairsentience.Through my gifts I help to eliminate obstacles and negative influences. I predict not only events that may occur, but also that can have a direct impact on the present situation, so that everything unfolds for the Highest Good! I am capable of much to help you on your life path. I feel very blessed to be able to see your life chart through all of my tools. I render professional help in solving difficult life situations. Remotely I spend sessions of diagnostics and removal of negative influences through prayers and clearings. Also diagnostics of energy and physical health, internal human blocks and getting rid of negative bindings. I successfully help in the correction of various situations, such as issues in relationships. I open the vital roads. I restore and activate the flow of life with the help of my guides, the Archangels of Light and the Spirits of Nature.


Since a very early age I have been psychic. My gifts were nourished by my psychic mother and grandmother passing their skills on to me throughout my growing years. I have a Doctorate in Esoteric Studies where I trained in the use of esoteric tools like the Tarot, the pendulum and the Kabbalah. I have also studied Spirituality and am ordained in Ministry and Spiritual Healing. I have studied the spiritual practices of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings for my own personal development, because to me it is important to be a clear channel for the Divine energies I work with. My daily practices align me with the Highest Good so that each day unfolds in the best ways possible, including my services to others. I share my skills with others so that they too can benefit from the goodness and kindness available to us all.

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thank you so much I got the answers I needed, such a sweet lady and lovely voice☺. please send another free minutes if you can
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