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I have experienced a lot in life and came out of it and worked through it. I can help where I can by giving advice that may help in your situation or just offer some encouraging words in a moment of need. I am kind-hearted and compassionate and can give advice on life that's helped me through hard times and has given me hope to keep going or even improve myself. Sometimes you just need someone to listen when going through a bad time and ill be able to assist with that and helping bring a smile back to your face


For the past few years I’ve been learning a lot more about my spiritual aura and how to better help others in their journey of life. As a young person I’ve always seen people’s auras and their true beings as well as seeing the spirits of the world and helping them find peace. I aim now to help those that need it the most in life. I hope to help build people’s businesses and relationships by giving advice and help predict their future endeavors. May it be in business or relationships I have adapted the ability to tell if someone is truly the one and to be able to tell if your business decisions will be right for you at the time or if you would benefit more of you take more time to assess the situation. I am also able to read people behaviors in relationships to see if they are well matched in all aspects of the relationship from their star sign compatibility to their spiritual auras and if they are being truthful in the relationship

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