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Donna Rose


I offer compassionate, honest and accurate Tarot card and Psychic Empath readings. Always nonjudgmental, discreet and straight forward! I specialize in Tarot, dream readings, chakra and aura, crystal prescriptions and the paranormal. I will use my Tarot deck and unique gifts to give you the answers that you need to make positive changes in love, relationships, and your career. And of course all readings are completely confidential! As a Psychic Empath I have the ability to connect with your energy, even at long distances, and experience your emotions through my own mind and body. I channel your energy and emotions while performing your reading, which means that every reading is completely unique and completely YOURS. I am also clairaudient and often receive messages in real time as voices or sounds during the course of your reading. Quite often this will happen when a question is asked about a specific person in your life or a decision you are struggling with… sometimes it just happens spontaneously and takes the reading in unexpected directions! I believe in the power of dreams and the messages they carry from our own souls and beyond. Like many of the ladies in my family I am a dream traveler, receiving messages from the other side and communing with guiding spirits through my dreams. I have found so much wisdom in my own dream travels, and I have helped countless clients to discover answers to their most frustrating life obstacles and decisions through the meaning of their dreams. I am blessed with the gift of synesthesia, my minds natural ability to connect colors with emotions, numbers, sounds and smells. About three years ago I began to incorporate this into my readings, and have found that it opens new channels, depth and clarity by connecting to the healing and communicative power of color and to the wisdom of the chakras. Are you searching for your soulmate? Do you have questions about your partner? Are you facing a crossroads in your life? A difficult decision? Longing for change but not certain what path to take? Are you having experiences, seeing signs, or having dreams or intuitions that you cannot explain? Are you experiencing unexplained or paranormal activity in your home? I am here to help!


As a young girl I was always fascinated with the spiritual and the paranormal. I would walk into town everyday after school and spend hours at the the library and the local metaphysical bookshop pouring over anything to do with spirits, ghosts, angels, Tarot, astrology, crystals, and dream interpretation. It was in this bookshop that I found my Crowley tarot deck, the deck that I still use to this day, more than 20 years later. It spoke to me at first sight, and I realized that I could hear sounds and feel physical vibrations when I touched the different cards. I come from a long line of Celtic women who share "the gift" in one form or another. Since my earliest memories I have heard, seen and sensed things that others around me did not. Often finding this frightening as a child, I spent many years trying to rationalize my experiences with the spirit world and the paranormal, writing them off as dreams or optical illusions. But once I began reading Tarot I couldn’t deny it any longer, I learned to accept these experiences and visitations as a part of my normal life, and eventually started to be receptive to the guidance and messages they bring. Reading Tarot became a very valuable and positive outlet for my “gifts”, and in my teens I began giving readings to friends, and then friends of friends, and coworkers… and now over 20 years later my passion for using my abilities to help others burns brighter than ever!

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okay got it, I agree. I hope things go great between us. I hope I didn’t ruin anything. but so far I did. thanks so much for giving me clarity. I understand now 🙏🏾❤️
love talking to her and first predictions came to pass 💜
thanks Donna. great convo and advice. picked up on everything very accurately as usual.
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