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Donna Rose


I am a clairaudient psychic empath, specializing in love💗 , dating, infidelity, love triangles, family dynamics, workplace drama and romance, as well as true and false friendships

  • Do you want to know if your partner is faithful or cheating?
  • Do you suspect someone has secret feelings for you?
  • Is your ex thinking of you? Do they want to try again? Is it time to move on?
  • Will they reach out? When
  • Do you wonder if someone you’re close to is lying to you?
  • Do you wonder if a friendship is true? Are they manipulating you? Are they honest?
  • Is a coworker really on your side? Are they working against you behind the scenes?
  • What do your coworkers really think of you? Is your boss is happy with your work?
  • Does a family member really have your best interests at heart? Are they interfering where they don't belong?

If you are wondering about another person's intentions towards you, their motivations, their honesty, or their true feelings, I can give you answers that they cannot or will not give you. I will be honest with you and I will not waste your time. 

The more specific you can be with me about what you want to know, and who you want to know about, the more information I will be able to give you. My readings are conversational, so please be open and ready to talk! As a clairaudient psychic empath, the sound of your voice is an important tool that helps me to tap into your energy and find you the answers you are looking for. ✨


As a young girl, I was always fascinated with the spiritual and the paranormal. I would walk into town every day after school and spend hours at the library and the local metaphysical bookshop pouring over anything to do with spirits, ghosts, Tarot, astrology, crystals, and dream interpretation

It was in this bookshop that I found my Crowley tarot deck, the deck that I still use to this day, more than 20 years later. It spoke to me at first sight, and I realized that I could hear sounds and feel physical vibrations when I touched the different cards. 

I come from a long line of Celtic women who share "the gift" in one form or another. Since my earliest memories I have heard, seen and sensed things that others around me did not. 

Often finding this frightening as a child, I spent many years trying to rationalize my experiences with the spirit world and the paranormal, writing them off as dreams or optical illusions. But once I began reading Tarot I couldn’t deny it any longer, I learned to accept these experiences and visitations as a part of my normal life and eventually started to be receptive to the guidance and messages they bring. 

Reading Tarot became a very valuable and positive outlet for my “gifts”, and in my teens, I began giving readings to friends, and then friends of friends, and coworkers… and now over 20 years later my passion for using my abilities to help others burns brighter than ever!

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thanks Donna, will catch up soon!
I’ll be back sorry
thanks donna. I know u always pick up on energies correctly. this helped ease my insecurities a bit.
Thank you so much 😍🥰
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