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Hi there and welcome to my profile. I will provide a detailed reading with only your name and dob, if you provide me with others names and dobs I can tap into one's mind and read thoughts,feelings,expectations,and future events. My readings will not leave you disappointed! You will feel hope and enlightenment! My methods are not studies, I have been blessed with these gifts and developed them into my full potential. I specialize in all areas of life. Feel free to ask anything. I'am a non-judgmental psychic who make you safe and comfortable to ask any question. Come and chat with me now and have a true psychic experience!


I first noticed I had these gifts when I was 11 years old. I knew I was put on this earth to help others in every walk of life. As I been giving readings for over 40 years across all continents. Experience is key when getting a reading you want valuable information that only a true psychic can give. With over 40k+ readings I have given I have not left one of them disappointed. My words are true and also my experience and you will see that all with just one reading with me. My qualifications and experience aware top tier!


She understands the questions well and tries to help with her best!
She explained the whys of the present situation well and I hope the predictions come to pass

she is good and on point and I will definitely call again

I am so lucky to find Dolly E as she is reasonable with rate, fast and really a psychic. And Dolly is compassionate and gave me free minutes readings. She is one person that I trust on this site. Please do give her a shot and you definitely go to her.
very nice.. fast and accurate.. one should give her chance. I will definitely come back for consultations.
very helpful and easy to talk to
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