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Divinity Princess


We are all divinely conntected to god and our spirit helpers.  Our spirit guides are always giving us guidance using signs and feelings etc.  Because many people are very busy, their minds are overloaded with information and can't differ which ones are infact spiritual guidance.  That is where a spiritual reading is helpful.  It provides the guidance that you are seeking.  Your spirit helpers wants to help you align on your life path here on earth.  They provide gentle loving guidance through Tarot/Oracle Cards. The Tarot cards are the starting of the conversation.  Then spirit chimes in and show me more.  I deliver their messages from a place of compassion and empowerment for your well being.  The same thing god wants for you, I want for you. To be happy.  And this is why this work has found me.  Because I trully care about humanity.  Since I'm highly sensitive and an empath, I will tune in to what you're feeling to assist further with the reading.  I only do reading for the person who has contacted me for their own personal reading.


My ability was always there.  I just didn't undersand it.  I felt everything for everyone as if it was happening to me.  I never knew why.  Until just recently, I came to understand this was a gift, not a curse.  I always knew spirit was around me helping me.  I knew all the co-incidences was the work of my spirit helpers.  What I didn't know was this was a gift and not everyone takes note of their own ability.  I get visions, clairvoyantly during readings.  If a passed over loved one show up, I will inform you.  I relay these messages to my clients.  I find that the live readings are wonderful in term that it's conversational and presents  the opportunity for clients to ask questions.  I've done email readings, but I enjoy the live readings more. I always pray and meditate before a reading.  I ask spirit that the cleint receive what they are looking for and that they leave me better than they came.  My reading is comprehensive.  It touches a bit of different areas in the client's life. I am a Certified Angel Card Reader, a Certified Reiki Practitioner, and a Trained Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner.

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