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Hello I am Divine_Light, I am a psychic intuitive with many gifts. I am straight forward in my approach in readings, and am here to give guidance and healing to others. Through many years I have developed my tools to heal and navigate myself in life's events.  I have many abilities, from clairaudient which is the ability to hear messages from my guides, clairsentient which is to feel messages in there accuracy from my guides. I am a energy healer, using metaphysical abilities to dig deep within your mind to release old habits and fears to help provide guidance to clearing a path to evolve yourself into your true light. As well as empathic to tune into your feelings and emotions and the emotions of others. I have 4 different tarot cards that I can provide in a reading, the reader will have the ability to choose which one they would like to have, or my guides will tell me to use one. My choices are: Chakra Cards (these are cards that help you look within yourself and your situation, to help you evolve and develop a sense on how to navigate and release energy blocks you have in life), I have Animal Spirit Tarot cards (these clarify inner wisdom) I also use Regular Playing cards, as well as regular Tarot. (With the playing cards I feel give great insight to a question directly to the nature of the situation, the regular tarot provides more depth) My readings are unlike anything one may experience, please be advised before purchasing a reading:I am here to provide guidance, and I provide powerful insight and tools so you may not need a psychic one day. These tools will help you evolve and heal yourself to guiding one directly into a divine knowledge and aid in awakening your spirit. I am very straight forward, I will not use tools unless I feel I need them. In order for a good and quality connection, you need to first clear your mind, as best as you can. Then we go into a brief meditation before the reading, which is  3 deep breaths that are slow and I will then ask my guides to first clear me, center me and ground me, and protect me, Then I will go in and ask you (the reader) to allow my guides to center, clear, ground and protect you. Then I will ask you if you allow yourself and spirit to connect to me, and if you are ready to receive my guidance. Once upon acceptance we will then go in to our reading.I will tell you if there is a part of your spirit unwilling to connect, and I will kindly end our reading, I will not waste your time, or money. My service is valuable insight, and I honor the people that read with me.Once connected I will ask you which direction you want to reading to go:We can go in head first with what I feel, it might be a inner emotion, or a situation in your past that needs healing. then we can go in and clarify and heal.Or We can go into questions: These questions I ask you to be specific, like "Will I have money coming to me?", "Is this the right person for me" "Who do I choose"  When I give a reading my readings can be specific to when, where and who. Or they can be vague. This depends on the connection to the person, and what my guides tell me in terms of information to provide. I will not tell you if you are expecting, or what the gender is of your baby, or any medical information that you may need. If you are hurt and depressed, we can talk through it. But if you are suicidal, I encourage you to seek professional help. But I will be here to listen, this is though not a therapeutic session, I am not a licensed therapist. But I will be honest if you need to release emotion, and feel upset or angry in some then you are in need of some healing and we can go in to that. But I request of you to have an open mind to what I say, and willingness to receive the information and tools I provide. I will not sugar coat, I know how I can help you heal with tools. This will help you, so take notes, for then you will be able to look back and know how to help yourself.If I interrupt, I am getting a direct message that will be of importance to you, If my guides want you to pick a tool of mine (like the tarot or any one of my cards) I will stop and let you know, and I will bring it up by saying "My guides are encouraging me to use my Chakra cards." something to that extent.If I was here for your money, you are surely mistaken. I am here to help heal you and your inner most issues. This will help evolve your spirit and give you great insight on how to open yourself intuitively. Understanding the Law of Karma, Law of Attraction, these are tools I know and use daily to navigate into the world. I can help remove blocks, subconscious blocks, help in emotional healing, gaining great insight to loving yourself to help and receive love.  If you need to know why "Bobby left you, or Why Susie is cheating on you." I am not the psychic for you, like I mentioned, I am here to heal. We can address these questions sure, but I will look deeper in to the underlying cause of why it is happening and how we can change it.Be prepared to at least spend 30 minutes time with me, for 20 minutes or less will not be enough for you to get what you are looking for from me.NamasteDivine_Light 


I have been able to read people in all situations. I have predicted with a client money coming to them. For example, I was asked if they were to find money. I told them they will get a pink scratch ticket and will a small amount of money by Thursday. By Friday my client called me back and told me with excitement that they had found a $40 luck for life scratch ticket. (When I gave this reading, I was clear and to the point, my guides provided me direct and accurate information)I have predicted news, a man was indecisive about his choosing of partner. I expressed he will get the answer he is looking for, though he will be unpleased with the result and know whom to go to after that. He then returned to me to find the woman he thought to have been wanting to go to had been unfaithful and she expressed a life change to him which was unfavorable to the man, and he chose to be with the other woman in question. (When I gave him this reading, my guides encouraged me to be vague, for he need to learn the situation and not be told what to expect)




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