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I am quick to tune into your situation with 25+ years experience. Tarot Cards, Pendulum and Intuitive readings, I get answers to your questions. As a medium I receive Divine Messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides. I am a Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and have been a reader and advisor for more than 25 years. With my ability to quickly tune into your situation and with the help of your guides, I can answer your questions concerning lost loves, relationships, money, and career as well as the best path for you and what your future holds. In addition to psychic readings, I also read energies that are all around us, and since I am sensitive, I can read the space around you and in your home that might be affecting your health, relationships and well being and can perform long distance energy clearings. My favorite tarot deck is the Angel Tarot Cards and I use my God-given gift of intuitive readings with use of my pendulum. My readings are always direct and straight to the point, but I always look for the positive and ask for guidance for your highest and best outcome. I invite you to chat with me so that I can put your mind at ease. Thank you!


Will you find the love you are seeking? Are you considering a change in careers? I can help you find the answers! I'm Karyn with Divine Messages and my experience ranges over a span of 25 years. I am a 5-star reader using the Tarot and Oracle cards, psychic intuition with remote viewing, pendulum dowsing, and many more gifts. As a conduit for God and Angel energy, I have helped many people clear out negative energies from their homes, balance the energies between loved ones to heal their relationships, provide consultations on career and money, and can give clear advice on your soul path and journey based on what your guides are wanting you to know. My soul purpose is to help you in gaining the truth and finding clarity surrounding your situation. I give advice regarding spells and candle magic and am a Law of Attraction Practitioner. Again I welcome the chance to chat with you and help you in finding the answers you desire.

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