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Divine Love


I center myself before each reading. I will ask for your first name and any first names of those involved in your concerns. I tune into my guides and work with pendulum, as you speak your name. This connects your energy and the energy of all associated parties for the reading. Myself excels at both general readings and answering your most pressing questions. When you give me a topic I make that subject the priority of my psychic investigation! My words “I physically feel the sensation as confirmation comes in. I am always in touch with my guides and the tools actually confirm what I have already received.” Myself inspires through my commitment to honesty – you can expect to hear empowering truth in each session. Sometimes while connecting to the metaphysical realm I may repeat words that I hear. Please do not be alarmed if they sound very old fashioned. I am simply having a pure connection to the vocabulary of previous generations.


Reading for friends and families for over 6 years, I focus on spreading the glory of positive reinforcement, hope, and peace of mind. I believes that “with your own personal positive power, you can bring positive change in your life ”

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Very friendly person. The answer was given really fast :)
Very friendly psychic with amazingly complete and honest answers
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