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She's had psychic abilities since childhood, At the age of 5 she had her first waking visions but discounted them, as she had no idea what exactly she was experiencing, let alone how to use them to help or assist others. All growing up, she thought everyone could see what she did. (later found that to be un true) She just learned to ignore it and live with it. Always feeling the strong pull and desire to help others, she went into nursing and after three years of experience in the field she realized it truly didn't make her happy. She felt more sad and couldn't understand why. So she gave that up and started working for herself and started a painting business. Thinking that she wouldn't be around large amounts of people (meaning she wouldn't pick up so much energies of others) she proceeded for 10 years doing that. In the process she purchased a Tarot deck , she shuffled the cards and tried a reading, but wasn't sure if she did it correctly. She slowly began reading for friends and family and interesting things happened.. She started seeing, hearing and feelings things even more.. She predicted her pregnancies and knew they were boys each time, as well as predicting her divorce.. Upon a visit with her Grandmother she found out she wasn't the only one who experienced these things.. It was then she realized she inherited her gifts from her grandmother. Even though she fianally understood she still didn't tap into them until her 30s. Fast forward to now.. She is known for giving honest accurate readings and has been using her gifts professionally for many years now. She has helped so many over the years, and is confident her guides and her can help you too. She can help you change a negative situation into a POSITIVE one, and even help guide you to the right path that you should be on in life. All conversations will be 100% confidential and only between you and her, as she is definitely trust worthy. She is also a 5 star reader for another well known psychic site as well as her own personal web page. 
Please remember, She is only the messenger.


Dianne has over six years under her belt giving professional readings to a broad range of clientele. Due to her overwhelming success, she had left her house painting career. Although she has no formal training or degrees, she has had a life long interest in the field.
Prior to this, she has been a successful reader on other reputable psychic companies working with other well known psychics, as she's always thriving to hone in and profect her skills. By doing so she has enjoyed great feedback from her many devoted clients. She has served more than 16000 clients in her professional online career. Her clients range from all walks of life, which include, Doctors, Lawyers, Musicians, Celebrities and normal everyday people. Many of them have turned into longterm clients. 
She has been utilizing her expertise at Tarot for the last fifteen years, sharing her unique insights along with the divine messages of the cards and the direct messages she receives. She is able to recognize negative energies in her clients lives. And with using her gifts she is able to provide positive guidence in most situations. 
She is also know for just throwing things out there, whether it's from a loved one who's crossed over, or something that's about to happen.. Most recently she told a client that they're were 2 hurricanes coming and lots of devestation, they said we don't get hurricanes here. Well, hello Harvey and Irma! The client called back afterwards and thanked her for she had the for warning to really be prepared..

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