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Hey there! My name is Dia Tucker. I offer tarot and oracle card readings. I'll always give straightforward, honest answers in an empathetic way. My readings focus on relationships ( family, friendships, work, romantic), self-development/empowerment, career. I offer two, three and five card readings. I'll choose which one I feel will give the needed information. I do take time to shuffle while thinking about the question I was asked. Time may increase or decrease depending on how many messages I've received. Though I always aim to be as helpful, clear, and fast as possible while also telling everything I've interpreted from the cards. But I'm also willing to answer follow up questions if something was not clarified enough.


Over the years, I have given readings through email, social media, and video response. My goal is always to connect to others in a personal but casual way. I am simply interpreting what spirit/the universe/higher power is sending to you through the cards. I have learned to offer guidance while also making it clear that every client is still in control of their lives. I do this by delivering my readings in a compassionate way so that even a negative reading will not make the situation appear hopeless. I have also learned from reading for others, that sometimes being direct is what gets the message across. However, this is never meant as an attack or judgment of someone’s situation. I listen to my intuition and if I pick up on any extra messages that I feel are relevant, I'll bring them up. I am happy to help anyone who needs a sympathetic ear.

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