I have been providing answers and valuable insight to my clients for over 17 years. Together we will use clairvoyance, tarot, and your astrological birth chart to decipher and discuss your future outcomes, your relationship patterns and status, the habits and assumptions about your life that may be holding you back from living out your dreams, and I'll even give you the tools to work some positive magic in your everyday life! I love helping people look at their circumstances in a fresh new light, and giving them a conversation that leaves them empowered to claim their happiness. LGBTQ welcome. Lets talk!


Dexter is a doctor of acupuncture, psychic medium, and astrologer with over 17 years experience in the healing arts. As a psychic-medium, Dexter offers psychic development classes for those interested in unlocking their latent clairvoyant talents. He has offered brief do-it-yourself psychic development lessons and astrological updates. He has written horoscopes for newspaper, magazine copy, and was a monthly special guest on radio, giving live readings to callers.

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