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India LaRue


Greetings, just as the sun is the life-giver, I will show you through messages from the Divine Source, the way to best utilize the energy that has already been bestowed in you. I am a spiritual coach and intuitive advisor, author, and Empath. My goal is to guide you on your life’s journey and answer questions, provide insight, and give Light to situations that are perplexing and overwhelming. Sessions with me are conducted using special tools of the trade: tarot cards, numerology, astrology, angel and oracle cards, dream analysis. Readings are energetic, insightful, and clear so that you have the clarity to empower you for personal growth. As I receive messages from the Divine, strategies for approach regarding your inquiry will be revealed. It is written, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” Do you want a quick meal or an all-you-can-eat buffet? Allow me to reveal the answers you seek that will feed your soul indefinitely.


People will describe me as intuitive, vibrant, energetic, caring, and a good listener. I have been in private practice as a spiritual coach and intuitive advisor for over five years. The first time I picked up a tarot deck was 25 years ago and until I became a professional, conducting readings for the public, I spent much time studying with mentors in the field, reading for family and friends, and discovering who I am as a Spiritual Being. I am a first-generation self-proclaimed psychic; in other words, my God-given abilities are awakened and I want to use them to help you just they have helped me. I have met my spirit guides: Seth, a Roman soldier; Thunder, a beautiful black stallion, who is a descendant of Bucephalus, Alexander the Great’s steed; and Hera, an inhabitant of Lemuria, the lost civilization. They all have aided me on my spiritual journey that has been most enlightening. We will aid you in your relationships in work, love (including the beginning stages in dating), family, and friends; and career path. I am a Leo, my birth card is the High Priestess (intuitive, patient, and the gatekeeper to the unknown), and I use crystals for healing, obtaining Wisdom, and LightPath work.

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Awesome reading. It was insightful, honest and encouraging. Thank you so much. Stay blessed 🙏🏾
Vanessa Alvarez
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