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Devina Jones
Devina Jones
Psychic Reading
Devina Jones


Let me help you find your soul mate, soul friends, life’s passion, and best career ever! ENRICH YOUR LIFE and OVERCOME Karmic Life blocks so you don’t have to ending up in the same old painful cycle! Hi my name is Devina, and I am a clairsentient & reiki master. I have devoted the past 10 years to helping people with the use of Spirituality and Metaphysics. I combine knowledge of the Spirit Realm, Alchemy, Tarot, and Empathy to give you the BEST strategy to get out of your situation. I understand you are seeking QUICK access to clarity. My experience has taught me that the future exists NOW and although that is the case if we see we are headed somewhere we don’t want to be, we can always change course. If you are ready to hear what Spirit has to say about your life course, please contact me. Spirit always knows and wants the best for you. I know you will enjoy, be relieved, and refreshed by your reading with me. I can’t wait to speak with you soon!


Whether it be in rekindling old relationships and focuses or releasing to find an even better one I have helped people find their most blissful and prosperous path for over 10 years. I also have helped people in painful transitional phases such as times between relationships or during periods of needing a life CHANGE. Not everyday is fun and happy, but as you release old karma and gain new understanding, life sure does become a lot easier. I have helped clients: *Gain Prosperity and Abundance in life *Find a New Lover(s) *Revive old Relationships and Careers *Elevate artistic work or entrepreneurial career to new heights so they find their uniqueness and spirit-fans, I’ve advised producers, dancers, filmmakers, and small business entrepreneurs as well as everyday people looking for career changes and improvements. *Defeat lack of Motivation and Fear of Failure *Overcome Spiritual and Karmic blocks *Overcoming haters and toxic influences on your path to Success and Wealth *Overcome Family Drama *Find Spiritual Power *Increase their Vibration with Energy Work and Reiki *Advise them on the correct mantras for them to turn bad situations around to bring new Spiritual clarity and to attract the right people. My work is given according to Spirit’s wisdom. My natural ability to tune in to Spirit in addition to my expertise in Tarot, numerology, and alchemy makes me a great asset to not only those who want to see where they are going but also those who want to change it for the BEST outcome possible!

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