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Life Coaching


Hello my dears, welcome and thank you for your interest in my profile. I have been helping people since I was young. My great-grandmother, my grandma and my mother, they were women with spiritual abilities, (psychic, healers, tarot readers, work with rituals). I'm love and relationship specialist, but I can also help you with any other situation with your family, career, life path, friends and much more. The tools I use are varied, depending on the reading you need, some of these are astrology, tarot, pendulum, numerology. For any of these, it is necessary that you indicate, your date of birth and that of the person for whom you want to ask. I also use my clairaudience ability to connect with spiritual guides and make an accurate reading. I am a specialist in Healing Rituals, of Love and Prosperity, Energetic Cleansing of people, houses, Chakra Healing with Crystals and spells.


I am the 4th generation of psychic and healing women, I carry the old knowledge in my inner being and I have acquired new ones in the course of my life. I have helped many people with their relationships, with their self-esteem, to clean their energies, to harmonize their chakras, with rituals of love and prosperity, and to find the direction of their life. I love what I do, I like to guide people to find their inner strength, to see the light in their path, that the important thing is self-love and self-knowledge. My goal has always been and will be, to be able to provide a light in people's lives. So cheer up, let's talk and find a solution together to your doubts and concerns.




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thank you for the positive vibes and reading it’s so appreciated
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