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Delaluna Answers


My name is Delaluna, meaning "from the moon" in Spanish. I resort to the divine tarot but may use a combination of other tools to answer questions. My main sources are cards, astrology and crystal ball. My goal is to always make sure my querents leave with answers, guidance or closure. Most know me as non-judgmental, caring, friendly, realistic and funny. While some may not always want to hear the truth, I feel it is an obligation and duty to be honest in my work. New querents sometimes state that seeking answers from a psychic may be scary. They fear knowing the truth. Rest assured that with the event of unfortunate answers, I am able to assist with guidance and acceptance. The majority of questions I address are related to love and relationships. However, I have a broad range of topics I am experienced with and cover. Feel free to reach out to me for clarity.


I received the intuitive gift of clairvoyance from my family. I noticed my intuition at a young age and a desire for art. I also learned art from my parents. These factors set about my exploration of several divination tools. Art helped channel my intuitive thoughts. I used tarot, astrology and pendulum for guidance growing up. Throughout my life, my personal dreams helped connect me to spirituality and understanding. Today, I assist over hundreds of querents seeking guidance and clarity. My experience is grounded but continues to grow every day. The versatility of questions and personal life experiences has broadened my knowledge base. Over time, I have come to help an accumulation of people in different situations. I have been awarded as top trending several times. My assistance is concentrated in love advice, decision guidance and life coaching. Rest assured that I utilize all my prior experience and knowledge to help those seeking guidance.

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