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Luna Stelle Delaine


Hello, I’m a 4th generation Master Psychic, Clairvoyant. As an Empath, Energy healer I'm able to offer many of my gifts to you. I can see, hear and know, what was what is and what is to come... I can help guide you in any area of your life and answer those burning questions you just need those answers too. Is he or she cheating? Is this Love? Is this career the one for me? Anything you inquire I can answer and set you forth into your destined path. I am honest and accurate and I deliver my messages with Love to all I read for. During my psychic readings, you will feel an instant connect with me. I also specialize in dream interpretation, speaking with crossed over loves, career love and home life. So let’s reconnect you with reality and find out if this path your on is your destiny. You will never be left uncertain once you speak with me. I believe in the power of prayer and I hope to hear from you soon! Contact me today and feel your worries melt away. I also use tarot, oracle and other tools upon request


Over 20 plus years experience practicing and enhancing my gifts in all areas, including energy healing practice groups from 2004-2017, learning all tarot decks and fully pulling all meanings from so no information is held back. As an Empath I'm able to be right in your situation with you and feel your energy as if it is my own. Telapathy is also a very well enhanced gift I hold to communicate with others upon request. I have a very unique connection with spirit so communicating with crossed over love ones is a very strong ability I hold and have on point accuracy and understanding clearly all messages coming through. As I got older it felt almost required of me to help and guide others. I could feel peoples joy or sadness and hear their thoughts I could understand things that I couldn’t explain. But now it’s my life’s purpose to be here for you! Whatever life’s challenges or requests you may have I can help you! I’m able to guide and clarify in all areas of life where I am needed. My use of tarot and other tools including pendulum is by request and my accuracy and delivery is very to the point. I know that once you speak with me any doubts you may be feeling in life will be redirected to positivity because you deserve nothing but the best in life! I also offer energy and chakra healing services. Contact me today and feel your worries melt away.

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I got a brief minute with her,I bought 25 dollars of credit and that was used up in 3minutes ?
thank u so much. u lifted my spirits. I will update u later in July
She is spot on. can you answer my other Q plz or send free mins please
can u send me free mins plz
thanks so much! she was great didn’t need any info! I got disconnected but it was the sites fault. can u please send mins to finish!!!!! she was accurate!
please send me the rest of this reading I will come back when I get paid.. can you give me the time frame?
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