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Psychic since Birth and I have been performing Readings since I was 21 that is a total experience of 41 years. I am Fast Accurate and Honest, I do not sugarcoat, But will give you the truth of what I see.  I am a Psychic Tarot Reader I am also empathic I have been Psychic since Birth. I can help you to deal with problems in your relationship by looking at the emotions and feelings of your partner. What Are They Thinking Feeling? You may be having problems because of lack of communication, confusion regarding feelings, I can help you to reunite with your loved one by providing information as to how they are feeling, this can help promote communication, and with this create a better understanding between you. I am also a psychic medium and can help you connect with your loved ones who have passed over.
I have helped many to make decisions for their life path to make their lives peaceful and harmonious, by seeing the future of what may be the wrong path for your life and giving you the information you need to change it. I Know I can help you, I am fast and you will need a notebook and pen to take notes as I speak, otherwise, you will miss some of the predictions that will come through 


I have been performing readings since I was 21 years old, that is 41 years ago now, I have been using the same deck of Aquarian Tarot cards since that year, I have been Psychic since birth, My Irish grandmother passed her strong psychic powers on to me as she died 1 month before I was born. A gift I have nurtured and made stronger over the years. My many years of experience will enable me to help you in your quest for answers and guidance. I will not judge you, I will simply help you to make the right decisions by giving you insight as to what the future path holds.

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