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All my life I have been searching for what it is that makes Humankind feel connected and live with purpose. After exploring the ancient healing art of Reiki using the Usui method, I participated in several retreats and sweat lodges by Indegenous American Spiritual adviser and teacher William Twofeather. As a facilitator of personal change I use all of my life experience, and my healing abilities and compassion to understand one’s journey to their Loving Destiny. I am delighted to help you bring your body and your life back to wholeness at a coaching mentoring session. I will impart many insights as well as practical activities to help you change your life from inside out! If you are feeling disconnected from the universe you are likely experiencing blocked consciousness; You are not connected to all of who you are and the life you were born to live. My services are all about reconnecting you to your full potential - your Loving Destiny. Ilya Dinov - Reiki Master, Transpersonal Counselling, BA and Bachelor of Social Work


Loving Destiny Counseling Service. B. Counselling, B.Social Work, Social Theory, Cert., Reiki Level 3 Cert. Shamanism - Creating Healthy Living, Energetic Engineering

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