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Intuitive Stelle


I have been a psychic advisor, intuitive, empath Clairvoyant for all of my life. The past 30 years I have spent fine tuning, better understanding my abilities as I put them to work full force to guide those in need. My direct connection to the divine source, my guides and angels gives me the ability to truly give all who seek clarity detailed, honest and accurate guidance to whatever the situation may be. My ability to use Tarot and other tools upon request also adds clarity to the insights and channeled messages I receive. I also communicate with crossed over loved ones with a very clear connection I am able to share messages that you need to hear. I am compassionate as I walk in love but I'm very honest and to the point.


30 years as a 4th generation psychic has given me such a grounded source and understanding with the universe, messages, sounds and visions to give clear responces to all who seek my divine guidance. I am a master tarot reader certified in chakra healing, tarot, and crystal healing. I take steps daily to ensure I'm always balanced and in tune with the divine source. With my guidance and messages you will not only feel an instant connection with me but you will always leave feeling reassured and guided with love. I love connecting with any type of situation and my ability to communicate with lost loved ones gives the messages that you may longing for giving closure and peace of mind.

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