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Dean McMurray


As a Psychic Medium I contact departed loved ones, Angels and Spirit Guides by connecting the earth plane with the spiritual realm.As a Clairvoyant, I receive visions of people, places and things of the past, present and future. My Clairsentient gift means I also receive psychic senses, including smell, taste and touch. As an empath I take on sensations of the physical and emotional states of being.Each of us is a spiritual being having a human experience. Within that experience arises questions, fears, longings and lessons. Which one of these is pulling at your heart and soul? Perhaps you are searching clarification, comfort, direction or healing? I feel there is a reason our paths have crossed. I believe I, along with my gifts can be of service to you. So if you feel guided, together you and I will seek the answers you are looking for, by serving as your messenger / liaison with the "other side".Peace, Light and Love~Dean


I am a Professional full time Psychic Medium (this isn't part time work for me). I have taught many classes (Intuition, Psychic Medium, Healing, Dowsing, etc). My clients are from all corners of the globe. I truly love serving others with this gift.I have been working as a Professional Psychic Medium for 6 Years. I have also volunteered my time and efforts with organizations that search for missing persons.I also have a passion to learn and grow. I'm always taking new classes or reading. So I can help others in different ways.Besides being a Psychic Medium, I also hold the titles of: Ordained Minister, Dowser, Teacher and Healer (practitioner in several modalities)

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