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I am a God gifted intuitive reader and energy healer. I have the ability to feel, see and hear you, the people you may ask about, the situations and circumstances surrounding you, the intensions of others and all things from your past and present. I can predict your plausible future with accuracy. After breaking all things down and getting everything sorted and concluded for you, if you allow... I will guide you back on to the right path of where you need to and are supposed to already be with as much truth, wisdom, compassion and love as I can. I take my time and put all my energy into each and every one of you. My purpose of being here is to help and heal and I do it with great pleasure. I am honest and trustworthy. You will leave my reading feeling strong and clear. I like to work on a 'one and done' basis as I know personally, what it is like to have a million questions and to feel unsatisfied, hurt, confused and like something is blocking your vision and path forward... Thanks to all the gifts, lessons, experiences and understanding I have been blessed to have in this life, I am here to help, restore and renew you :)


I was born with a God given gift of being extremely empathetic and intuitive. I believe I have been put on this earth to heal and guide people. I can connect to, feel, see and hear most people in their current or past surroundings. I receive information and messages, and with those I can guide you toward the best next step to take. Your life will improve after reading with me.. That is my soul purpose. A lot of readings will leave you wanting more, and it can become a never ending cycle of tail chasing. Though, in a reading with me I will simply get to the bottom and source of it all and put an end to any feelings of hurt, confusion, loss or anger. I offer a free energy healing, that I have the ability to telepathically send to you. Just ask at the end of your reading. You should be able to feel it right away:)

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thank you!!
very kind and thoughtful, quick and fast. thank you ❤️
ok im going to do it yeah i gues he lied im so upset thank you.
Ran out of funds! Thanks so much Destiny 💕 love and light
thank you destiny, for telling me exactly what i needed to hear
thank you! I appreciate your finishing your thoughts even though time ended and I definitely won’t compromise my dignity for him... if he won’t change he won’t hear from me!! can’t wait to speak with you again well worth the money!
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