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I am an empath. Able to feel others energy deeply. I use this gift to coach people. Helping heal the root causes & underlying issues. I work with each of my clients so differently and I am directed to do so via them themselves! What you are & aren’t saying, how your energy changes, what it really is at its core. I hear you! I feel you! I am easy to talk to, I have seen it all and I have the tools you are looking for to get the outcomes you want and to finally change your life!


I was born with this gift. Growing up, it was quite normal in our family to see and hear ‘things’, to have dreams of events before they happen and to communicate to each other telepathically. The diverse and drastic life I lived I now realize was starting me on this journey of healing. Healing myself so I can be here now able to teach it to you. I have been online for 4 years now, and the feedback and reviews are what keep me going! I am here to make a difference and I’m so appreciative for the privilege and platform to do so!

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