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I am a very down to earth, clear and honest reader who gets down to the details of your situation so you can come out on top. I catch schemers and false persons but my ultimate goal is to tap in to the hidden power within you while exposing those who seek to destroy it. In life we encounter many people, places and situations that can negatively or positively impact our destiny, mental health and heart space. These influences are not always visible and can come in the form of destructive lovers, black magic, secret enemies, dark entities, generational misdeeds and past life trauma. I am here to assist you in navigating these influences as a warrior of light who can manifest your own best outcomes and not remain a victim of circumstance. I can reveal the true intentions of the people around you. I answer questions regarding how they truly feel and what the person you are inquiring about may be hiding from you. I can determine the outcomes of specific actions related to love and career so that you can choose wisely! As an intuitive tarot reader and professional analyst I am able to get you the most accurate answers to your questions and the questions you never thought to ask. I have used my gifts in many arenas to include high level corporate intelligence analysis, group readings for family and business partners, energy healing, trauma identification/recovery, and relationship matters. I love when my clients feel comfortable to express how they feel in whatever way they feel necessary. This is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE!! Prior to beginning, I ask that you take a few deep breaths in order to lessen any anxiety that you may be feeling in regards to the outcome of your reading. It is important to remember that everyone has their own free will and any outcome is changeable.


My psychic abilities come naturally and runs down my generational line. I was born with a high level of intuition and clairvoyant abilities I inherited from my grandmother. I am able to pick up on the hidden feelings and needs of individuals without any tools. I use tarot for confirmation and insight into the best courses of action for your most favorable outcome. Expect answers to your questions with additional messages from spirit guides who may enter your session. It is almost guaranteed that there will be additional messages that you need to hear and may be related to other situations in your life. Although life hassles may prompt high levels of anxiety and frustration, I ask that the querent take 3 deep breaths prior to their reading in order to clear their energetic field and provide a clear channel. Remember that ALL OUTCOMES CAN BE CHANGED! I help you with manifesting your best future! Come join me!

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Janelle Alladin
wow is all I can say! thank you Davina
thank you Davina ❤️
can you pls send mine. i didn't finish my last qts
Thank you for your wonderful reading
as always she’s amazing! I will continue going to her! she gives good insight! Her predictions are on spot! love her and she is like a friend to me! can I have 3 minutes please would like to finish talking to you ❤️
she’s amazing ran out of funds 🤦🏽‍♀️
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