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I provide accurate advice and courses of action related to the ups and downs of romantic relationships and career. I will reveal the truth about your partner and their intentions with you and others. Understand how they feel for you and see you as a partner. I provide steps to form or maintain a relationship or just get even with the sneaky guy/gal in your life and stay on top of your situation. I provide healing practices in order to bring in new love, repair old, and let go of those who have damaged you. My healing practices involve client participation and dedication. If you are considering any major career transitions my career forecasts can help guide you in the right direction. It is important that we serve in this lifetime in a matter that is true to ourselves and aligned with our life’s purpose. Money is a large factor but it is not the only component that contributes to true happiness in our lives. Clear and honest communication in a JUDGEMENT FREE environment.


- Doreen Virtue Angel Card Certified - Suicide Prevention Advocate for 2 years - Behavioral Intelligence Analyst for 10 years I have 15 years experience as an intuitive tarot reader and clairaudient. My specialty is in love and romance guidance. More specifically, I love to help others expose secrets that their love interest may be hiding. In these situations, I give accurate advice on how my clients can manipulate the energy to their own advantage. I work with those wanting both spiritual growth and revenge on those who have crossed them. Spirit comes through particularly strong during my love readings!! I have utilized my psychic skills in both spiritual works and in corporate environments. Working as a behavioral intelligence analyst for large agencies, I have been able to predict the movements and behaviors of groups and individuals known worldwide. My experience in the corporate world allows me to easily tune into my clients career concerns and give clarity and proper courses of action for the future.

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