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Relationship expert, psychic advice with a man's point of view, do you want to know what your lover is thinking ? I give answers from the heart for the heart


I was a relationship and family counselor for four years my life's work is to help people find their way and solve relationship issues which I have been drawn to coming from a divorced home at a very young age so I have been determined to help people stay together and find their soulmates I was in my fourth year of being a relationship counselor when I had a life threating accident which lead to a near-death experience and almost lost my life I was clinically dead for three minutes when I was brought back to life I came back with a gift that took time to learn and explore but I could hear and feel things and know things about people and make spot on predictions now I feel that this god-given gift was given to me in order for me to continue my life's work to be even more helpful than before and truly change the world one life at a time mending the broken heart and healing the wounds of the soul

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I'm so sorry, I ran out and was unable to reload! you're amazing though super glad to have been able to chat!
sorry ran out of funds but solid reading and answered questions with timeline
mary nguyen
what do u mean are not feelings? please explain
well connected, be back soon
i miss him so much it hurts deep
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