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I do different types of readings that place emphasis on your everyday life, from love & relationships to career advice to suggestions pertaining to fitness, sport & diet, and to those that have to do with hobby & play. I specalize in animal communication, aura reading, automatic writing, channeling, clairvoyance, dream analysis, empathy, future life, medium work, picture reading, precognition and spirit messages. When I read someone, I attempt to understand where they're at emotionally, physically and spiritually, and because I feel I’m connected to the spirit above us, I do my 100% to provide guidance from there.


When I was a child, I was first aware of my intuitive abilities but I did not connect it to psychic phenomenon until I had a revelation when I was about 24. From there, I had a feeling that I was supposed to help people. The first thing I did was help a coworker of mine who had many difficulties and I was able to guide her to greater serenity. Then I began to do psychic readings and related guidance with those on the internet. Now at 47, I feel I am much wiser and understanding with my gift. I have always wanted to make people feel more at peace with their day to day lives and it’s my dream to help you, so feel free to contact me anytime.


ok reading
BryAnna Molloy
great with with a quick connection. simply awesome
thanks David spot on funds ran out will be back
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