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I get to the heart of his/her heart! 15 years experience giving unique readings using a blend of Tarot and Clairvoyant psychic insight. Fast, detailed, accurate, and compassionate. I read feelings and outcomes but am not able to pick up exact time frames, rather the experience around your future. My client feedback on predictions tells me that I do not read further out than a year or so if that helps. Magic does not happen. My work in the world is specific. I am here to help you and in turn, help change energy within the world. I deal in love, enlightenment, peace. all positive powers. My belief is that knowledge is indeed power, yet what is most important is the use of that knowledge. The gift that was given to me by my mother, grandmother, and generations back is the gift of empathic ability and precognitive insight. Life as an Empath can be complicated. Other people's feelings become yours, thoughts are transmitted, energy exchanged. The amazing upside to this gift is my ability to know how another person is feeling at any given time to be able to feel their feelings. My ability to see the future regarding events and relationships can prove invaluable when making decisions. my clients are varied - art stars, tech gurus, young Hollywood, finance executives, law enforcement, physicians, scientists, legal professionals.. and on and on. I am privileged to share my gift with anyone who should need my help. I used 2 tarot decks and runes. I see images, hear messages and channel from the same guides I have listened to my whole life. With my gift, I am respectful, non-judgemental, and provide a caring, complete and concise reading.


Welcome! I have 15 years of experience of giving my unique blend of readings. My Tarot experience is based on mastering the Rider-Waite deck, and from that, I have incorporated several decks into my collection or oracles. My clairvoyant abilities have been with me since I was a child and have been cultivated since into clear psychic insight by working with clients on a daily basis. I have studied with two world class Astrologers and have an in-depth knowledge of Intuitive Astrology. I have worked for 8 years with clients on phone and chat, and have developed my skills further to give quick, on point readings that get to the heart of the issues at hand in a compassionate, non-judgemental, detail way to give my clients the most effective experience. My gifts as an extreme Empath, meaning that I can channel the thoughts feelings of those asked about have been with me my whole life. I am excited to share my gifts with you!


thank you ? and I will
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Always an excellent reading! I will be back again and thank you again !!
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