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What are they thinking & feeling? What do they want? I can answer those questions! Accurate, Honest, & Powerful readings! I am a natural-born Master Psychic and certified Psychic Medium with 20+ years of experience. I will be your psychic BFF giving you powerful, life-changing guidance in your life! My specialties are love and relationships, time frames, life decisions, and career. I am profoundly empathic so I connect very strongly to other emotions, feelings as well as situations. Other gifts I have to include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and mediumship. This means that during readings I may see visions, hear information, know information, or receive information from your loved ones who have passed on. When I conduct a reading, my own thoughts and feelings are removed to ensure you’re receiving a non-judgemental, unbiased, honest and accurate reading. Because of this, my readings can come off as blunt or very direct. They are honest and not sugar-coated! Please be ready to hear the truth before you contact me! My goal is to give you clarity into the reality of your relationships and situations, to help you make the best decisions for your life going into the future. I look forward to reading for you!


I am a 5th generation, natural born psychic. All the women on my maternal side have various psychic abilities of their own. Because these abilities run in my family, I was fortunate that my abilities were recognized and directed in a positive manner at a very young age. I have been working on my abilities and doing various types of psychic readings for over 20 years, and I have been reading professionally for 11 years. I became a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in 2009, and I am also a Certified Psychic Medium. I have taken numerous classes and courses over the years to expand my knowledge and skill in order to be able to give my clients the best possible experience and most accurate readings. For many years I have privately mentored numerous people in one-on-one sessions around the world of varying ages in learning how to develop and use their psychic and/or mediumship abilities, as well as learn how to use psychic tools such as tarot, oracle cards, and pendulums. For the last year, I have been running a psychic mediumship development group in order to help as many developing psychics as I can. Since I recieved my Reiki Master Teacher certification in 2009, I have privately taught one-on-one Reiki as well as performed attunements to my students. I also spend time each day giving advice and helping those struggling with the Law of Attraction.

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AMAZING !! sorry run out funds, but will came back❤️THANK YOU SO MUCH❤️❤️
Jun 14, 2020
Mar 1, 2020
she picked up a few things so I’m happy with the reading
Feb 9, 2020
Jan 26, 2020
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