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I am an accurate, honest, straightforward, certified psychic with 20 years of experience. Feeling confused? Let me help you clear things up! I am a Reiki Master Teacher and a relationship specialist giving clarity in relationships, marriage, breakups, career, and life decisions with the help of tarot and oracle cards. I will tell you what’s going on, what’s going to happen in the future, and when. I am open, unbiased, and completely non-judgmental, so please don’t be afraid to ask me anything! Is there a breakup coming? Can they be trusted? Is the relationship heading towards marriage? These are all questions I can answer for you. I compassionately always give what I get, but keep in mind, it’s not always what you want to hear. Even so, you'll at least come out with a peace of mind that you know the truth. I quickly pull tarot cards, and sometimes oracle cards, but I also receive clear messages through Clairvoyance (vision), Clairaudience (hearing), Claircognizance (knowing), and Clairsentience (feeling). I am also a channeler, so I can accurately channel information directly from my guides which comes through very quickly. Knowledge is power, so chat with me now to get the truth and gain clarity in your situation! I look forward to helping you!


I am a multi-generational natural born psychic. It's been said in our family that psychic abilities have been passed down through my maternal line from my 5th great grandmother who was a full blooded Cherokee Indian (which I have personally verified through genealogy research). All the women on my maternal side have some form of the gift. I have been working on my abilities and doing various types of psychic readings for around 20 years, and I have been reading professionally for 11 years. I became a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in 2009, and I am also a Certified Psychic Medium. I have taken numerous classes and courses over the years to expand my knowledge and skill in order to be able to give my clients the best possible experience and most accurate readings. For many years I have privately mentored numerous people in one-on-one sessions around the world of varying ages in learning how to develop and use their psychic and/or mediumship abilities, as well as learn how to use psychic tools such as tarot, oracle cards, and pendulums. For the last year, I have been running a psychic mediumship development group in order to help as many developing psychics as I can. Since I recieved my Reiki Master Teacher certification in 2009, I have privately taught one-on-one Reiki as well as performed attunements to my students. I also spend time each day giving advice and helping those struggling with the Law of Attraction.


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