Dani Rain


As a clairvoyant and clairsentient, I am able to see pictures and feel things from the Spirit and the Angels. My psychic readings are usually channeled pictures that symbolize what the Spirit is communicating, and sometimes I use Spirit and Angel led drawings to catch the messages being sent.

I am also a relationship coach, using angelic and Spirit guided wisdom to help clients navigate the possibilities of their future. And, I have years of experience doing dream interpretation as well for those who who have had a dream that may be a message from the Spirit or Angels.

I believe the Divine definitely wants to speak with you and I am here to help you learn to understand what God and the Angels are saying. Due to the nature of my readings these messages are filled with loving and inspirational messages. God and the Angels always desire to communicate the great the possibilities life has for you.


I'm a small town girl who got freaked out when I started having visions, dreams, premonitions, and a high sense of empathy when relating to others. I wasn't prepared for this kind of thing and felt I had to keep quiet about it. Later on I learned that these gifts actually ran in my family. I discovered that I have come from a long line of gifted people, passed down through the generations. My last name handed down to me means, "power from heaven". I grew up in a Christian church, and this has been my foundation for spiritual understanding. I work directly with Jesus, and many of the channeled messages I receive reflect his love and healing energy. I've been giving psychic advice for 20 years, and step into the angelic drawings 7 years ago to help the messages expand. I'd love to get to know you more and help you hear whatever messages the Spirit and the Angels have to say to you. God is always speaking to everyone, but we are all learning to hear. I would like to help you as you are on this journey.

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