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Amethyst Alien


I am an Aquarius with great psychic and Empath Intuitive healing abilities such as Clairaudient and Clairvoyant. I use these wonderful god given gifts to help you along your beautiful path. I believe that there is beauty in all beings. Cognizant of my gifted abilities ever since I was a youth. I love what I do and I seek to be your advisor. Giving advice is my specialty and I will always provide you with honest feedback. I am energy conscious of people, animals, and plants. I started my services Amethyst Alien Tarot to be able to extend my healing energy to the world. It would be of my greatest joy to help you along your path. I believe that we can all learn things from each other. I truly believe in equal give and take and my wisdom is at your service. Through working with me I hope that you gain true inner wisdom and a beautiful spiritual guidance experience.


With my psychic gifts, I have the ability to deeply channel while navigating my way through past, present and future energies all while offering you the best spiritual advice. Throughout my years of reading, I provided accurate tarot readings to my family, friends and to my community. I’d like to think of myself as a bit of an old-fashioned thinker. Something like an old-soul if you will. I am here to help you through life's twists and turns. Also here to provide you with a balanced opinion and to offer you solutions to your options. I love what I do and I seek to be your advisor. Giving advice is my specialty and I will always provide you with an honest outcome. I will steer you through Career and Work, Business, Love and Relationships, and Psychic insights that only I can offer. I also use cards for my tool. I hope you enjoy my services.

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she's good
Great reading by a warm and insightful reader. I'd be happy to return for another reading. Thanks for the advice. Love and light. :)
I have paid and not received any information. the contract says 3.99 and when you go to pay it says 9.99.
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