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Clients range from TV Personalities (UK) to Friends and Family. With over 28 years experience and over 20,000 collective reviews online, I am accurate and honest and I offer full guided readings without fairytales. This is important, as I will NOT tell you what you want to hear ! I will always look at your situation and offer you the best course of action to ensure that your future is the best it can be. My Life Path Reading System is unique to me, and based on many years of fine tuning how to read the life path and understanding the actions needed to get you on track to where YOU want to be. You will NOT find my reading system used anywhere else or by any others. Be sure to experience one of my Life Path Readings to see for yourself how unique, honest and accurate they are ! You will never look back. I look forward to reading with you soon. 


My readings offer you the chance to see where you are heading in life. My unique reading system allows you  full insight into a situation that is causing you problems and show you a path that you can take to lead you to a solution. To get the best from your reading you need to be honest with yourself and also look very closely at how you ask the questions you are seeking answers to. The Life Path Reading System is a very accurate way of reading and allows you to look into any aspect of your life in which you need to find answers. A Note About Timing and Timelines ~Please be aware that there is NO WAY to predict exact timing. The timing of events is based on free will universal movement and is also based on other actions needed to be taken by yourself or others around you. It is possible to calculate if something is soon to happen, or not at all, but for actual dates, there is NO method of reading that can provide a time that something will or will not occur.

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