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Hello friends, I’m very excited to be part of Zodiac Psychics and look forward to helping clear your doubts and provide you greater self-empowerment through my skills. I bring 35 years and 10,000 consultations of experience to the table, not just of a technical nature, nor of rehashed book knowledge which I do have ample expertise in, but most importantly, over 27 years of initiation and training with a genuine Tantric master in India. With my spiritual and astrological mentor, I had the privilege of taking no less than five esoteric initiations which opened the subtle channels of inner esoteric knowledge and also bestowed on me a newfound ability to clearly understand the deeper implications of a horoscope and karmic destiny. In the Vedic tradition, these initiations help augment the technical aspects of astrology, both Western and Vedic, with that added and most important element often seen lacking in most practitioners being psychic and intuitive sensitivity. Astrology is very much an esoteric tradition in which the secrets of revealing what horoscope means can only come through deep and protracted meditation and the blessing of subtle spiritual energies. Although I have spent decades refining my skills on this platform, I am pragmatic and don't beat around the bush with airy fairy nonsense. My objective is to give you the most practical useful knowledge to help them overcome the challenges of day-to-day life. Simple. I’m not interested in asking you questions or cold reading but prefer to dive straight into what I see from your horoscope prepared for the moment of our meeting. I always prepare the birth horoscope based upon the birth data but a secondary horoscope alongside that is also calculated for the precise moment of a consultation and is extraordinarily revealing. This is a very ancient and rare form of Vedic astrology called Prashna. Finally, as an astrologer, my training has taught me that deciphering what your actual problem or destiny will be is only half the job done. The more comprehensive work which should go hand-in-hand with reading a horoscope are the remedial measures which are again often missing in the toolbox of practitioners in these modern times. Through the use of remedial measures, ritual technology, and other esoteric techniques, problematic planets and energies can be subdued with the result that life can be enhanced and the desires of the client fulfilled. I look forward to serving you with love. Dadhichi


Hello Friends. In the 35 years I've been practicing face reading, astrology, numerology and other esoteric studies, I've  conducted over 10,000 consultations. I began my preliminary studies at a young age as my mother was intuitive and comes from a long line of Maltese psychics. My father was a Hungarian gypsy with an extraordinary impromptu ability to give stunning predictions. He was a palmist in the true gypsy tradition. These hereditary spiritual gifts are part of my own psychic tool box now. In my search to perfect my craft, I’ve taken spiritual initiations with many great masters including Swami Muktananda and his disciple Gurumayi. Swami Chinmayananda also granted me a private meeting in which he performed a bizarre cleansing which till today I don’t understand. In 1990, in India, I was blessed to meet Ramesh Balsekar, the illustrious disciple of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. He graced me with three days of personal initiation into the non-dual state of Awareness-Presence.  Later when I returned to India I studied under some of the finest Jyotish ( Vedic astrology ) Masters, including Professor Ramakrishna Sarathy, the world famous palmist and astrologer. I studied with him for some years. He taught me the basics of intuition. I also studied with Dr. Ranganatha Desika of Bangalore. In 1995 I met my beloved Jyotish Tantric Master Sri V. Krishnaswamy. VKS is like my father and  instructed me into the subtle nuances of horary astrology, which is a useful system for clients wanting immediate answers to their problems. He also initiated me into Solar worship, through which I gained miraculous insights, Tara Goddess, Bala Tripura Sundari , Hanuman and finally Ucchista Ganapathy, the Ganesha of profound intuitive understanding. My predictions and ability to intuit through astrology took a real upturn after this. Jyotish is the Hindu Vedic system of astrology and my preferred option for working with clients. I’m well versed in western Tropical Astrology as well. I also understand the system of planetary remedial measures which is employed to counteract life obstacles. This is called Shanti Graha or pacifying the planets. My clients include celebrities, political and diplomatic figures, media and corporate identities as far and wide as England, India and the United States.  Furthermore, I've  been writing columns for many of Australia's leading magazines including Australian Women's Weekly, New Idea, and NW and have appeared on most of Australia's leading television networks on which quite a few of my political and worldwide forecasts have proved correct.  I look forward to being of service to you. If I don't have an answer I won’t pretend!  Warm regards,  Dadhichi

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