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Love & Relationships

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I have over 20 years of experience as a tarot reader,  I am an expert if it comes to challenging situations and conflicts in love relationships, what is going on in his mind? Is he interested in more than just a platonic boundary? Are you meant to be together, or is he the one to make it last? What are the questions I can give you clear answers to? The cards are showing different kinds of aspects of your partnership, burden problems, blockages, and how to get rid of them.  Let me be your prayer, to bring your desired loved one that far to confess, we will overcome the barriers they make you both starred, to liberate you, to see the heart of compassion glowing. Your way will be suddenly clear, your life partner will be the one to accompany you on your path to mature together. I can help you to break up the fallow ground where nothing can grow and life gets choked out. The bad past experiences, all that you had been through, the anger, the resentment, and the unforgiveness that makes it hard to trust again, all will be relieved if you are able to see what is hidden. The deep understanding you need to build the foundation of confidence. Nothing is gained by holding on to past disappointments. Clear answers can help you with this. Together we can find out what surrounds you, the truth will help you to release your insecurity. Clarity is what you need to replace grief and anxiety with hope and tranquility. The answers I can give you will be your immeasurable benefit. This process will increase your inner strength and your self-esteem. To eliminate your ambiguity. If your love connection defies explanation, I can help you to find out what he wants and what he is thinking of you. Together we will shift your attention to the essentials in your relationship, to be able to celebrate the wealth of love present in your life. To see things from a higher standpoint, you need may another perspective. Let go of your fear, you can ask me whatever you want, perhaps you feel inundated by challenges. Take your time and think about what you need support with. 

Evaluating your feelings will enable you to effectively communicate what you want in each kind of situation. Express your feelings without any doubts to receive the love you deserve. Let`s open the door, ahead of you there are new experiences awaiting. No matter which door opens or closes, you are always safe. Sometimes it is better to know the truth and to be sure of it. Together we are able to find out what is expecting you behind. Let`s see what kind of challenges are awaiting you.

I will not judge you or make decisions for you. I will only encourage you to make the choices for yourself. If you have got any questions I am here to guide you.



Background: I am an experienced Astrologer and Tarot Reader


  • Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

My Goal: I am going to help you, wherever I can whatever it needs.

My Topics:

  • Karma and Past Life
  • Karmic Astrology
  • Soulmates
  • Angel Cards
  • Family Advice
  • Breakup Relationship Advice

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In-chat services I offer: Karma Cleansing🔥🔥 There are blockages out of a past life shown, they hinder you to share the love. Let's release old karma. 




Jul 18, 2024
thank you dear. please pray for me. your reading has been insightful and well resonated. more power and highly recommended.
Jul 18, 2024
Jul 18, 2024
woth is the best ting dear
Jul 18, 2024
Jul 17, 2024
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