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I provide moments of clarity, balance and support like an old friend truly listening when you need it most. Claire means clear, it also means light. I believe I was given this name for the reason- to spread love, light, and clarity for people. I work closely with my guides, your guides, and the angels-occasionally loved ones in Spirit pop in to say hi, but mostly the angels and guides with me! I'm a counsellor that works with the idea of using empathy, acceptance, and being genuine with clients. I am a born clairvoyant- actually I'm a clair-everything reader that often uses all of my senses. I am extremely honest, so I don't just tell people what they want to hear-I tell the truth of what I feel, I am straight to the point with a gentle edge! I am a Reiki Master, Holistic Life coach, Intuitive Counselor, and Crystal Healer. I have also had a background in childcare of 13 years, and particularly understand babies, and psychic children-I believe all children see Spirit. Children live in the moment, and you can learn so much from watching them at play-it awakens your own innerchild if you are open to it!


I started reading angel, and tarot cards at 15. (17 years ago). I have read spiritual texts and researched from this age-always having a keen interest in mediums, crystals, and dreams. After every medium, I saw/see telling me I am psychic, and then 6 years ago a well-respected medium locally telling me I am a medium I decided to transition to this career. (I get dragged into it by Spirit whenever I have tried to run! haha) I branched out a couple of years ago professionally after significant bereavements which awoke my gift in a powerful way. I have developed in a mediumship circle for almost 2 years now. I worked within a Crystal Shop for all of last year with great success, as well as providing readings online. I received overwhelming feedback at times, and even had James Van Praagh (famous American medium, and teacher) pick me out of a crowd last Summer, and tell me I heal with angels 24/7! This was one of the best moments of my life I finally felt understood for the love I have inside of me. I absolutely love the work I do, and my enthusiasm and passion for healing shine through-I are so happy to be embracing and sharing my gift! I have experienced many traumas of my own, and can, therefore, empathize with many experiences. Studying counseling requires you to look at all your own feelings, and experiences but ultimately it has made me stronger. I have a genuine, kind and passionate soul that loves synchronicity, serendipity and I believe strongly that everything happens for a reason for your soul's growth. I look forward to connecting with you! Love & Light, Claire ☆♡

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