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I am a natural born fourth generation psychic and I have studied metaphysics extensively to expand that ability. As a certified life coach, having a doctorate in divinity, certified energy healer, wicca master, and an experienced and accomplished Spellcaster, I offer my services to you in all areas. My clients often refer to me as The Love Psychic but I also assist in other areas of your life, family, friends, career, anything that you may be seeking clarity and a solution to. I have been a professional psychic for over thirty years and as such, I am available to help you with whatever is going on in your life and provide you with more insight. I have been a psychic seer my entire life and can help you with energy healing, chakra alignment, cord cutting, and guidance in Spellwork. I do not need them but I do like to use Tarot cards to enhance your reading for those of you who enjoy Tarot. I hope you will allow me to be your personal advisor and promise that you will not be disappointed. Thank you.


I started on this road as a professional psychic long ago as a child even. I thought everyone could see Spirit and that everyone could also see energy. A family member well versed in Santeria taught me methods to further develop our psychic abilities, trust our intuition, develop relationships with our helpers on the other side, and help the people who would come searching for some understanding and solution. I also studied and became a wicca master. My experience has been such of not only performing readings, of which I have done tens of thousands over the years but also of doing or promoting guidance in casting spells. What you would like is entirely up to you. I have expertise in these areas if you require it and thousands of satisfied customers too. I have vast experience in this work and I look forward to connecting with you for an accurate and successful experience.

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