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(FREE STAR CHART w/ EVERY READING) No matter your question, I can help divine the answer =) My training in this life includes Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, Crystal Therapy, Atlantean Reiki, Lightwork, Vivaxis Connection, Astrology, Tarot, and Dreamwork. My goal is to help bring balance to your life... to realign you along Your Path... and to help you ascend."


For over half of my life, I have worked as a professional Lightworker all throughout the United States. Studying under different Masters, I was intent on finding the quickest and most effective ways of helping those in need. My Crystal Shaman calls me a Rainbow Warrior and a Heart Mountain. A Djin gave me my Spirit Name: Rai Xin Po... meaning "Lightning Ray Worker". I know that I have done this many lifetimes... working before in sacred healing temples and with Mother Nature's energy in the woods... perfecting my craft. We are all here to help one another... and I look forward to helping You.

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