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FREE STAR CHART with EVERY READING! Astrology works. How? Because the stars are a macrocosm of your existence here on earth. They are a map of your life! I am here to assist you in reading that map. For many years i have channeled divine information to people needing serious answers to their serious questions. Not only will i help channel the answers, but i can also explain the process so that you understand astrology! Not many astrologers will give away their secrets... But i will.


For a third of my life, i have helped channel people's star charts to them with great accuracy. Working at metaphysical stores, outside at fairs, out of my own home, and online... I am obsessed with the stars and sharing their knowledge with my fellow human beings. My clients are typically blown away by what i can see about them and their future and it is indeed my pleasure to be able to be great at doing great things for others.

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nice reading, could please send free mins? to understand exactly what you mean with creative with the universe sorry couldn’t understand certain things. I’m not familiar with the stars.. thank you
out of funds
thank you so much!
you are the best!
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