Crystal Grace


I am a gifted psychic love specialist for over 15 years! I have natural born abilities to predict past present and future. I specialize in all matters of the the heart. I can channel into your energy also your partner as well. I can reveal things to you so clearly! I have all the answers you have been searching for just in one reading! I offer in-depth psychic readings tarot card,past life,psychic channelling and love and relationship readings. I can tell who and when you will marry also can tell if the one you love is true or false? Also I specialize in reuniting lovers and broken marriages. Stop divorce and break ups.


I have 20 years of experience. I've been giving my psychic advise to others from around the world also to help them discover there true purpose in life! I started having psychic visions at the age of nine. My gift is a natural born powerful energy that has been passed down to me from 7 generations of psychic healers. My gift is positive out of love and light! In me you will find no darkness but simply  love,light and passion to help others get the answers they need. My ability has had clients to rely on me to predict who and when they will marry also to find out baby gender? But most of all for real honest insight and guidance!

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