I'm a light worker, a spiritual counselor, and a spiritual healer. My gifts have naturally developed since I started to work with my Higher Self and Primordial Source, allowing me astral communication with ascended heavenly beings. I channel the answers to the requested issues, transmitting the information by the Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Mentors that accede to the Way of Life and Way of Soul of each incarnated being. In this way, through the Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Mentors, I do the spiritual reading/counseling on any subject and area of the physical/astral plans, decoding of dreams, reformulating karmic contracts, working karmic relationships, past lives and communication with loved ones already deceased. Above all, I facilitate the physical and spiritual healing, as well as the awakening of whom is questioning, in order for that person to be the most faithful to the Way of Life and Soul selected before reincarnation, maintaining the person's free will.


I've been working in this field for the past 5 years, before in a presential mode. For me, this is a heavenly bliss and blessing, because it's my true nature, one of my purposes in this life. I receive the message from the Ascend Masters and Spiritual Beings by psychography/automating writing. This message is the knowledge that you'll need to overcome the situation that you're facing. I've been allowed by the Skies to help people to get back to their real paths, to live truly according to their mission on Earth and to Awake to their spiritual being/path. I have become friends with many of my 'clients' not for lack of professionalism, but for the travel that we have done together, and for me that says it all. Lately I've been assisting a couple with some real bad drug addictions. This is a spiritual therapy that involves a profound aura and soul cleansing, along with empowerment of the relationship bound and unconditional love for each other and for themselves. Please be aware that I only advise what the Ascend Masters tell me to and if it's on your path, I don't force to happen what is not intended for you, neither because it sells more or gives more money... my work is serious and compassionate.

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